The Bassett Research Institute is divided into individual centers who work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

The Bassett Research Institute is home to a number of research centers who work individually as well as collaboratively to understand and serve the unique healthcare needs of a rural population, in conjunction with the greater Bassett Healthcare Network mission.

Our Centers

The Center for Rural
Community Health
Bassett’s Center for Rural Community Health addresses complex health issues challenging rural communities. The Center conducts rural risk research, works with community partners to implement policies and programs, provides technical assistance, and participates in advocacy for and dissemination of best practices.
The Center for
Clinical Research
The goal of the CCR is to conduct clinical research and clinical trials in various disciplines, with special interest in clinical outcomes, with the goal of developing and assessing treatments and treatment plans/protocols that improve the care and wellbeing of patients in our region.
Medical Student
& Resident Research
Bassett Research Institute continues to pioneer innovative research to stimulate interest among our medical student residents. Our programs are intended to offer a creative opportunity to pursue research in a variety of topics and specialties.
Center for Biostatistics
CFB staff contributes to peer-reviewed manuscripts, published in journals of occupational health, primary care, pediatrics, health services research, orthopedic/sports medicine, substance abuse, community health, tick-borne disease and clinical medicine.

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